Ext4 Update Plan

Koala Framework currently uses Ext 2.3 which is rather old - very old.

But upgrading to Ext 4 isn't that easy so we now are doing a soft upgrade. The plan is the following:

  1. Implement a new Assets Dependency System that is able to process Ext4 dependencies without manually specifying them (as we did for 2.3) [done]
  2. Implement standards how Ext4 can be used with new techniques: Ext MVC, Ext Models, REST.... [at work]
  3. Port AutoGrid, AutoForm etc to Ext4
  4. Port the whole Kwc including Components to Ext4
Ext 2.3 will still be available the whole time, usage of Ext4 will be opt-in.
All this will give us a smooth upgrade path and we can start creating new cool Ext4 based applications!
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Awesome!!! Sounds so tempting :-)

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