Koala Framework 3.8

This koala might be resting... We aren't!

Koala Framework branch 3.8 is now officially considered as stable and ready to be used. That basically means that our demos use 3.8 now and it's the recommended branch to work with.

What changed since 3.7?

A lot.

Dependency installation:

  • We now install our dependencies using composer. Read this blog post why this is a great thing.
  • We use composer-extra-assets for additional npm and bower based dependencies. Read this blog post to get more about this very great (obviously as I wrote it) composer plugin

Build Step:

  • Every modern web software needs to be built nowadays - we make no exception. Read the obligatory blog post explaining the benefits.

Development Dependencies

While the the above mentioned changes are awesome, they came at a cost: additional dependencies.

But installing all of that is pretty easy, see the updated installation instructions.

Runtime Dependencies

All these new dependencies are easy to install on the local development environment, but the production server... This crappy hoster might not even have Php 5.3 - and doesn't even know what the hack nodejs is.

Don't worry - runtime dependencies didn't change. You can still run Koala Framework on the 8-year-old (yes, Php 5.2 came out 2006) Webserver. (BTW: nodejs released first 2009, npm 2011 and bower 2013)

What else?

  • The most important first: a new styled backend login!
  • twig template engine integrated
  • Rewritten, now modular, User Model Authentication
  • Frontend Code implenentation changed from ExtJS to jQuery (more to come)
  • Improved Frontend Performance with deferred JavaScript

See the full changelog for details.

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