Koala Framework 3.7 Branched

Koala Framework 3.7 branch just got created. See the changelog.

Here a short overview what we added since 3.6:

Responsive Images

Image components now are fully responsive, meaning different resolutions of the image are automatically created and optimally loaded for the screen size.

The desktop (=contentWidth) version of the image is used as base, other sizes are created in 100px steps down to 0 and up to 2x contentWidth (to support displays with dpr up to 2).

Reworked Columns Component

The now third implementation of the columns component now supports defining multiple rows which should give more flexibility when editing content.


Like in every release we worked on improving performance. This time we concentrated on Frontend JavaScript performance:

  • A new benchmark box for profiling JS in frontend makes it possible to find bottlenecks
  • JavaScript initialization of components in frontend can now be deferred. For example installing a click handler on an element can be deferred for a few ms which makes the initial page load much faster

Ext4 MVC Controllers

Starting with Koala Framework you can now create Ext4 based web applications. This has been introduced in an earlier blog post.

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