Kwf ExtJS 4 MVC Programming

As outlined in the Ext4 Update Plan we now almost completed Step 2.

That means Kwf master branch provides now the standards how ExtJS 4 MVC applications should be written.

This also includes various helper controllers that allow rapid development of complex applications.

Read the documentation here:

and take a look at the ported kwf-app-demo (work in progress):


Below you can see an example of what is possible with the Kwf Controllers and how easy they are to use. The example creates a binding between grid and form without having to write actual code - other than creating the controllers.

this.mainPanel = this.getView('Example').create();
this.formController = new Kwf.Ext4.Controller.Form({
    form: this.mainPanel.down('form')
this.gridController = new Kwf.Ext4.Controller.Grid({
    grid: this.mainPanel.down('grid'),
    autoLoad: true
//this connects the two controllers
new Kwf.Ext4.Controller.Binding.BindableToGrid({
    gridController: this.gridController,
    bindable: new Kwf.Ext4.Controller.Bindable.Form({
        formController: this.formController

» see full example.

Want to try yourself?

You can start now writing new MVC applications using Koala Framework, it's one of the best documented parts of Koala Framework!

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